Book Review: Meltdown by Thomas E. Woods

Book Review: Meltdown written by Thomas E. Woods, Jr.   Contents 1.0 Introduction 2.0 Summary 2.1 Chapter one: The Elephant in the Living Room 2.2 Chapter two: How Government Created the Housing Bubble… Continue reading

My Students For Liberty Club

Students For Liberty Notre Dame Sydney seeks to promote the ideas of individual rights, private property, and peace. The objects of the club are (i) to educate more students about the differing philosophies… Continue reading

Isaiah – Chapter 53

  A look at messianic expectation and prefigurements of Christ in the Old Testament. This text was written seven to eight hundred years before Christ. Isaiah Chapter 53 Who has believed what we… Continue reading

Are Keynesian policies a more viable method to deal with the economic crisis?

For Keynesian policies to be a more viable method to deal with the economic crisis, it would have to stop associating within society in the short-run, and rather focus on the individuals that… Continue reading

Workplace Insights Essay

To compare and contrast insights from the guest speakers, this essay will draw upon workshop topics, questions and views raised during the talks. While, each workshop topic identified such traits that make up… Continue reading

The Significance and Utility of an Economics Major

Question: Explain the significance and utility of your major to the society 10 years from now. An economics major teaches a student two key principles, first that the future is uncertain and second… Continue reading

Pollution, Policies & Power – Deontology, What ought to be done?

You learn that pollution generated by the increasing population of particular, large powerful countries is endangering important ecosystems and many species such as wales and penguins in Antarctica. One group is pushing for… Continue reading

Immanuel Kant & Thoughts on Moral Universal Laws

Are there any moral laws that must be followed by every person? What is the justification for these universal principles? I would compare such moral laws to the rational lawfulness that we as… Continue reading

The Economics Board Game!

The Economics Board Game is out! The Economics Board Game teaches students economic theory in a way that is simple and fun! Travel around the board. Answer questions. Finish with the most gold… Continue reading