ABCs Of Chinese

This video series explains Chinese through fun graphics, see video Source: (Fuzzel, et. al., 2013). An educational software start-up company directed toward teaching Chinese characters. Their engaging curriculum shows how picture like Mandarin Chinese characters are. Combining a number of simple building block pictures to make Chinese characters. From learning your A, B, and C’s in English as your building and adding to the words, we do the same in Chinese, though don’t tend to acknowledge. Tending to ignore or forget this key component to learning a language. To make up the 100,000 Mandarin Chinese characters, all you are required to learn is 400 basic components made up of pictographs and ideographs. These four videos include an introduction to these Mandarin Chinese characters, traditional Chinese teaching methodology, ABCs of Chinese, and the importance of learning Mandarin Chinese.


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Featured image supplied from Unsplash.