Katel Academy – Australian Citizenship Naturalization Test 2016 & 2017 (OFFICIAL)

This Australian citizenship test-run provides you as a permanent resident a study resource to aid for the real test. To determine whether you have adequate knowledge of the material about Australia, your responsibilities and privileges that come with Australian citizenship. In addition, it is a test of your competency of the English language (national language).

Communicating in English helps you to play a more active role in Australian society. It helps you to take full advantage of education, employment and the other opportunities Australia has to offer. People think, preparing for Australian citizenship test is a very difficult task. First of all you have to learn about various political, cultural and lawful facts. Free practice questions provided by us includes all the aforesaid topics, related content and helps you in judging yourself that what is the depth of your preparation level to pass this test. (Katel Academy, 2016)


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Australian Government <http://www.australia.gov.au/information-and-services/immigration-and-visas/australian-citizenship>.

Featured image supplied from Unsplash.