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Commerce Resources




The Law by Claude Frédéric Bastiat

Freedom and the Law by Bruno Leoni

A Rehabilitation of Say’s Law by William H. Hutt

Control or Economic Law by Eugen von Böhm-Bawerk

Ten Thousand Commandments: A Story of Antitrust Laws by Harold Flemming

Gibson, A., and Fraser, D. Business Law. (2014). 8th edn. Sydney: Pearson Education Australia. ISBN 9781442565005


The Law Frédéric Bastiat by The Foundation for Economic Education, Inc. Irvington-on-Hudson, New York 10533




The Trade of Nations by Michael A. Heilperin

The Case Against The Fed by Murray Rothbard

Honest Money by Gary North

Viney, C. et al. 2012, Financial Institutions,  Instruments and Market, 7th ed., McGraw Hill Australia Pty Ltd.

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Profit & Loss by Ludwig Von Mises

Cunningham, BM, Nikolai, LA, Bazley, JD, Kavanagh, M, Slaughter, G & Simmons, S 2012 Accounting information for business decisions, Cengage, Australia.

Birt, J, Chamblers, K, Byrne, S, Brooks, A and Oliver, J 2012 Accounting: Business reporting for decision making 4th Edn, Wiley, Australia.




Kotler, Adam, Denize, Armstrong, 2012,  Principles of Marketing, 5th ed, Pearson, Australia

Summers, Smith, 2010, Communication Skills Handbook, 3rd ed, John Wiley and Sons, Australia (Available from bookshop)

Pride, Elliot, Rundle-Thiele, Waller, Paladino and Ferrell, 2007, Marketing: Asia-Pacific Edition, Wiley, Australia.

Quester, McGuiggan, Perreault and McCarthy, 2007 Marketing: Creating and Delivering Value, 5th Edition, McGraw Hill, Australia.




Summers, J & Smith, B 2010, Communication skills handbook, 3rd edn, John Wiley & Sons, Milton, Queensland, Australia.

Bretag, T, Crossman, J & Bordia, S 2009, Communication skills, McGraw-Hill Australia, North Ryde, NSW.

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Communication About Freedom by Robert LeFevre

The Communication of Ideas: Postal Service and the Freedom of the Press by Murray Rothbard



American Journal of Economics and Business Administration

An open-access, peer-reviewed, academic business journal.

American Journal of Industrial and Business Management

Publishes theories and applications in areas of industrial and business management.

Business and Economics Journal

An open-access journal publishing management, business, finance and economic research.

Business Intelligence Journal

An open-access publication of research articles from UK professionals and professors.

Case Studies In Business, Industry And Government Statistics

This open-access business journal, published by Bentley University features case studies in modern data analysis.

Contemporary Marketing Review

An international, open-access business journal which publishes research papers from authors with varied academic backgrounds.

International Journal of Business Science and Applied Management

Publishes articles on general management, e-business, strategy, marketing, supply chain management, organization studies, entrepreneurship, human resource management, and more.

Journal of Business & Financial Affairs

Publishes reliable information on current finance developments through original articles, reviews, case reports, and short communications.

Journal of International Business and Culture Studies

Shares original articles on international business considering cultural and societal issues.

Research in Business and Economics Journal

Original studies in international business, management, and related subjects.

The Michigan Journal of Business

The first undergraduate business journal of the United States with an international audience.

The Open Business Journal

This open-access journal gives readers peer-reviewed articles on business, published by Bentham Science.

The University of Notre Dame Australia Law Review

Peer reviewed and published annually welcoming submissions on general law areas.

The University of Western Australia Law Review

Articles on topics of legal significance and Australian case and statute law.


Trade Magazines

Accounting and Business

A magazine for professionals in the accounting and business industry with research, insights, and news.

Australian British Chamber of Commerce Publications

Issues on relevant developments in business relationships among Australian companies.

Australian Financial Review

Australian news on on business, finance and investment.

Business Management Magazine

An e-Magazine that examines topics from business intelligence, outsourcing, marketing and communications, to human resources.

Business Week

A leading magazine in business and finance, providing news and insights from professionals.

CEO World

Written with senior executives and C-level officers, publishes current business news and analysis.


A globally recognized magazine with insightful information on business topics.

Fast Company

Publishes information on global news, office etiquette, and more in this online magazine.


A leading, reliable source for business, financial, economic, and political news.


Publisher of the Fortune 500, readers will find business and economic news with analysis of global business drivers.


News and reports on business entrepreneurship, finance, leadership, marketing, and technology.

The Australian Journal of Management

International and peer-reviewed from the University of New South Wales.


Wired’s business section publishes current news and reports on events in the industry.