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The amazing CRCC Asia are offering scholarships ranging from $1000-$3000 for The China Experience Program 2016 & 2017, aimed at graduates interested in pursuing their career in China offering a new environment and new experiences. Opportunities range from 1-3 months with 500+ host companies, located in Beijing, while other program destinations include Shanghai and Shenzhen. Giving away a total of $80,000 worth of scholarships to celebrate their 10 year anniversary! Helping students search for jobs and launch their careers with them. CRCC have teamed up with business leaders and leading universities to deliver an educational trip to China, providing resources and assistance toward building your future job prospects and adding value to your CV. Hurry applications close 10th June 2016!
The University of International Business and Economics, will be the foundation of the China study abroad program and students will be provided the option of accommodation on campus. Additionally, a great way to become fluent in Mandarin, though spoken Mandarin is not a requirement as those selected for the scholarship will attend a semester of Mandarin language classes, along with an extra elective class that can be credited at universities outside of China, that is taught in English related to Chinese business or cultural studies.
This program offers internship placements and is widely connected to China’s growing economic marketplace and culture to provide the best possible advantage for those seeking to study abroad or start their careers and learn Mandarin in a professional setting. Along with gaining a unique set of skills of the Chinese business practices and differences between cultures for international business skills. “This includes a 90 minute [LinkedIn] Workshop, free CV templates, career advice packs, business cards and much more.” (CRCC Asia, 2016) Along with offering help to those seeking to stay on working in China. CRCC Asia also offers alternate programs for coding and digital marketing boot-camps.
Students will also be able to volunteer in China, and make a difference within the economy while gaining invaluable experience, with an opportunity to visit smaller towns outside of Beijing. “Each month, you will join other international and Chinese students on a weekend trip to different schools in rural China to aid with volunteer work and provide extra hands for ongoing projects.” (CRCC Asia, 2016) Along with making a meaningful contribution through volunteering you will develop self-awareness and it will most likely provide new directions for you careers and goals.
No better opportunity than to learn Chinese and also to travel around China while studying! Adding to the program and your experience to see not just the city of Beijing but also the country. Backpacking adventure tour companies that will be available are The Dragon Trip supplies tours to STA Travel, Real Gap, GAP 360, TUI PLC, Asia Venture, and CRCC Asia, to provide the best and most affordable travel experience.

The China Experience Program offers a 5 month, all-in-one internship, volunteering, study and travel experience including the following:

  • 1 Semester University Mandarin Course (4hrs per day, ~16 weeks, valid for university credits)
  • On Campus Double Dormitory Accommodation (upgrades available)
  • 3 Month Part-Time Internship (valid for university credits)
  • 4 Volunteer Weekends away in Rural China & 4 local charity visits
  • Elective Chinese Business & Cultural Studies class (taught in English, valid for university credits)
  • 18 Day Tour of China Semester
  • Social and Networking Activities
  • Career Preparation/Job Hunt Package

Source: (CRCC Asia, 2016).

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