Have a Competing Idea For a Blog

How dare they make a bigger and better blog for liberty. Yes, we have some competition and good competition it is. has a global liberty community, how impressive though so do we. What else, they bring together freedom loving people from around the world, I suppose their going to have to do better as we too bring together people from around the world. Ok just stop, their giving away blogs, hundreds of books, useful guides, live events, and tons more great stuff! OK I guess my blog doesn’t have near as much as they do, despite this we won’t be needing any mercantile policy still. As like them we encourage guest writers, updates to relevant events, and provide free articles and links to resources, such as links to other competing blogs like theirs. Besides they have more experience…

…and plus we both agree and are contributing toward a more educated community of free market entrepreneurs and the liberty movement. Along with the many others see this short documentary on the market for economic bloggers and the renewal of entrepreneurial capitalism by the Economic Bloggers Forum hosted by the Kauffman Foundation. was created by Jeffrey Tucker who calls himself Chief Liberty Officer yes we all agree that is true as his website along with other websites like it are the best! See his campaign launch for here.

To the promotion of LIBERTY!

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