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–About Website–

My website is for students who are learning economics, to promote learning through articles, resources and discussion.

Readers are welcome to comment and encouraged to have fun in learning and participate in irreverent debate. Comments are always welcome, and I will try to respond to them all with my own opinions, though I am no expert so make me smarter and challenge my views.

Learning can be a social activity, so if you have an idea for an article please let me know in the comments below – guest writers are welcome. You can also find me on YouTube, Twitter and Facebook, feel free to follow me and send me a message anytime.

Students should enjoy a flexible and competitive education marketplace, therefore, this website makes learning more accessible (1) as an online education medium with links to relevant study resources from the Web, news and organisations, and (2) providing for a variety of skill levels and age groups.

We cover Mandarin Chinese tutorials and resources as learning to read and speak a second language is a great way to take advantage of business opportunities through leading global economies, aiding international business communication.

As my website grows I plan to add educational media, such as interviews, and interactive books.

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