Artist Accused of Wasting Tax Revenue

The artwork that taxpayer money has been spent on is The Floating Piers, opened to the public on 18 June and located on Italy’s Lake Iseo.

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The artwork and publicity surrounding the misuse of funds has provided the Bulgarian 81 year old artist named Christo with a wide audience and is now renowned for his creation.

“Organisers expected the installation to attract 500,000 visitors across its 16-day run, but it had already seen 270,000 by the end of day five, according to AFP.” (Dezeen, 2016)

Besides the extra tourism gained, it comes at the direct cost to citizens, whether that cost be installation or maintaining expenses.

Even though, the exact amount of taxpayer money that has been spent on the project is unknown, an organisation called Codacons said it is “”an unreasonable waster of public money”, according to reports, and is filing a complaint to the Lombardy region’s spending watchdog this week.” (Dezeen, 2016)

The project is three kilometres of saffron coloured fabric covered polyethylene pathways, and it connects the shore of Lake Iseo to other islands, with each walkway measuring sixteen meters wide.

“[Codacons group] claims cleaning up after the tens of thousands of visitors, as well as ensuring their safety, has come at a huge price.” (Dezeen, 2016)

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