NHS Trust Offers “Free” BREXIT Counseling

NHS Trust Offers “Free” Counseling For Nurses To Deal With Brexit Trauma.

“Free” is in speech marks because its TAXPAYER funded again, the move could maybe be an excuse to fund more taxpayer money into misdirecting resources.

“Oxleas NHS Foundation Trust in South East London and Kent reassured all of its 3,500 employees they would be given free sessions in the aftermath of Britain’s choice to leave the EU.” (Devlin, 2016)

The managerial decision shows concern for reducing staff anxiety and stress, however it is not a political neutral move for the NHS.

  1. The NHS deals with many patients who suffer from trauma, however to arrogantly relate that to the EU referendum result or nationality is outrageous.
  2. The NHS is understaffed and overworked as it is nevermind their staff being concerned for such an unrelated medical problem or should I say economic problem.
  3. The NHS funds could be better spent and they are already in difficulty regarding their expenditure over revenue.

I would also like to know why it is ONLY their staff that is having to deal with this so called “Brexit Trauma”.

“Last year, Stephen Firn, who was at the time chief executive of Oxleas NHS trust, joined with nine other London health trust bosses to warn against cuts to mental health funding.” (Devlin, 2016)

Firn is also believed to be behind the managerial decision for free Brexit counselling including confidential advice and 24 hour support.

Ukip’s Jane Collins told the Mail Online: “Is this NHS trust seriously suggesting that people who believe in democracy will start attacking staff, or that their own staff need therapy to cope with the results of an election that the establishment can’t get its head around?” She added: “Up and down the country there is extraordinary pressure on services for genuinely ill people who need treatment yet here we have some right on do-gooder who has reacted like democracy is something to be ashamed or concerned about.” (Devlin, 2016)

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