Free Virtual Mises University + $20 Cert

Virtual Mises University is an online certificate course for only $20, plus access to free live-stream YouTube videos. Length of the course is just 1 week from 24th July to 30th July 2016.

Along with the generosity of an anonymous donor and Richard E. Fox Foundation the Mises University is offering a certificate for only $20.

Mises University for almost thirty years have been teaching Austrian economics and its scholars have been providing a world-class education for its students and articles.

Virtual Mises University is great for international students who would not have otherwise been able to study on campus, it is also for anyone interested in economic freedom such as students, professionals, or anyone whether they are with no entry requirements.

As an online course the enrolled student can watch live or archived lecturers, whilst reviewing or downloading lecture slides.

As a student or anyone with access to the Mises website you also have access to the Mises Library for gathering required readings for free.

Having enrolled you will be able to participate in discussion and debate on a social and academic forum with your fellow classmates and monitored by Institute staff.

To qualify for the certificate students must post at least ten substantive questions or comments to the academic forum, here is the sample certificate:


Image Source: (Mises University, 2016).

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