Upcoming YouTube Videos “Lights, Camera, Action!!”

Upcoming YouTube Videos “Lights, Camera, Action!!”

-Hey Readers-

I will be uploading some YouTube videos soon (after uni exams), most likely after lots of trial and error with filming and uploading.

With the focus on economics and the free market, hopefully, we can get as many Keynesian’s watching them as well as Austrians!

I will keep them short-videos as I am hardly confident that I could make a video in which I don’t end up lecturing on and on.

That said, I am very excited to be adding another medium as it could help other students in explaining economic theories without having to read bland text.

Also, other YouTube accounts like Duncan Whitmore and Julie Borowski, are great because they both through their own personality and video style draw upon Libertarian perspectives.

Featured image supplied from Pixabay.