The Uber of Private Jets…

An increasing trend among CEOs and Celebrities, making first class flying an inferior good and a substitute to fractional ownership.

Why not charter on-demand private jet, much like the Uber in the taxi industry, this is XOJET of the aviation industry.

By giving people the power to choose (how and when to fly), in the near future passengers of private jets will see more affordable options.

Both Uber and XOJET are backed by TPG capital, and XOJET ensures faster on-demand transportation than conventional and commercial flights, while ensuring complete confidentiality for their clients.

They boast a personal service that comes as standard, with tailored in-cabin service and personal advising, including in-air Wi-Fi connectivity.

They are flexible to you, having access to 1,000+ private jets, from a fleet of Challenger 300 and Citation X jets, including the Cessna Citation X (which can nearly break the sound barrier).

They don’t carry upfront fees and long-term commitments making it easier and more convenient to fly on-demand.

For more on this see Bloombergs YouTube video here on How the Uber of Private Jets is Winning Over Celebrities and CEOs.

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