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Workplace Insights Essay

To compare and contrast insights from the guest speakers, this essay will draw upon workshop topics, questions and views raised during the talks. While, each workshop topic identified such traits that make up… Continue reading

Business Processes & Information Systems

Following on from my article on Management Information Systems & You. What are business processes and why are they useful? A business process is a series of tasks or steps designed to produce… Continue reading

Improving Collaboration Skills In The Workplace

Why learn collaboration skills? Collaboration can be like a game of sports, as in tennis or golf you require a certain degree of skill. The skill you start with is often basic knowledge… Continue reading

Economic Factors & Competitor Analysis for Levi Strauss

Economic Factors This chapter seeks to explore the economic factors for “[Levi Strauss & Co., being] one of the world’s largest brand-name apparel marketers with sales in more than 100 countries” (Vrontis &… Continue reading

Data Communications

Network: Collection of computers that communicate over transmission line. Three basic types of networks: Local area network (LAN), Wide area network (WAN), and Internet. LAN: Connected computers that reside in a single geographic… Continue reading

Hardware & Software

Basic hardware categories, include: input (keyboard, mouse, microphones, ect.) processing (CPU, RAM, video cards, ect.), output (user interface screen, printers, speakers, ect.), and storage (external drives, USB, DVDs, ect.). Computer Data: Binary digits… Continue reading

Organisational Strategy, IS & Competitive Advantage

Following on from my article on Business Processes & IS, IS exists to help organisations achieve goals and objectives, that are determined by competitive strategy, that determines structures, features and functions of every… Continue reading

Business Processes & IS

This article carries on from the previous Management Information Systems (MIS) – Introduction. As such, before implementing IS, business processes need to be understood and optimised for success. Business Process/System: network of activities,… Continue reading