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Roy Hill’s 4,000 Government Approvals

Roy Hill the mega iron-ore project is the recipient of the Project of the Year Award at the 2016 Project Management Institute Australian Awards. At which Mrs Gina Rinehart, Chairman of Roy Hill… Continue reading

Free Online Course Content May Be Scrapped Following U.S. DOJ Limited Access Violation

U.S. Justice of Department accused and warned that Berkeley through the edX platform for massive open online courses, and videos on YouTube and iTunes University content don’t meet federal requirements for accessibility in… Continue reading

‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ Funded Using Economic Development Fund

—In The News— U.S. Justice Department announced that overseers of an economic development fund “1MDB” had plundered taxpayer funds in financing personal assets including: “The Wolf of Wall Street” movie, artworks by Vincent… Continue reading

Making Something Illegal Doesn’t Stop It: NSW Greyhound Racing

New South Wales from July 1 2017, will ban greyhound racing, lead by Premier Mike Baird, in response to ‘mistreatment of animals’. Anyway, I very much doubt Mike Baird is a vegetarian, and… Continue reading

RAAF Water Contaminations

You would think a Defence Minister is there to protect citizens and the local community, however the Defence Minister has been accused of stalling any correction action toward the recent RAAF water contaminations… Continue reading

NHS Trust Offers “Free” Counselling For Nurses To Deal With Brexit Trauma

NHS Trust Offers “Free” Counselling For Nurses To Deal With Brexit Trauma. “Free” is in speech marks because its TAXPAYER funded again, the move could maybe be an excuse to fund more taxpayer… Continue reading

Artist Accused of Wasting Tax Revenue

The artwork that taxpayer money has been spent on is The Floating Piers, opened to the public on 18 June and located on Italy’s Lake Iseo. See free images of the walkway here.… Continue reading

Digital State, Social Media & Currency

Documents leaked entitled ‘Online Platforms and the Digital Single Market’ from the European Commission and then published by the European Commission “[that] is now proposing the idea of using national ID cards to log… Continue reading


In the news, the British Government is out of pocket millions on its tax collection duties since February, surrounding VAT and corporation tax. The blame of late payment notices are being send to… Continue reading