Functions of Many Variables

Functions with more than one independent variable. y=f(x) => one independent variable. Not just price, but incomes, ect. are independent. z=f(x, y)     Here, z = dependent, x & y = independent. Example: z=100-2x+5y z=3×2-9y z=e2x+3y     Expediential fn. Example 1: z=150-2x-3y X-Intercept  (z=0, y=0) 0= 150-2x-3(0) => x=150/2 =75       (75, 0, 0) Y-Intercept  (x=0, z=0) 0= … Continue reading Functions of Many Variables

Derivatives & Differentiation – Introduction

“Government regulations generally limit the number of fish taken from a given fishing ground by commercial fishing boats in season.” (Haeussler, Paul, & Wood, 2008) This assumes market failure and that governments can predict fish depletion more accurately than fisheries can, in order to ensure there are adequate levels of fish to be sustainable in … Continue reading Derivatives & Differentiation – Introduction

Functions, Graphs, & Equations – Examples

Straight Line and Linear Equations The two lines represent the equations 4x-6y=-4 and 2x+2y=6. Because the graphs of 4x-6y=12 and 2x+2y=6 are straight lines, its linear. y=3x+25           y=  f(x) = mx+c   f(x) represents a functional relationship to units sold, not specifying fn explicitly. mx+c  represents a generalized version, m is the coefficient, though m and … Continue reading Functions, Graphs, & Equations – Examples

Functions, Graphs, & Equations – Introduction

A function is a relation from inputs to possible outputs where each input is related to exactly one output, basically it is a rule that transforms numbers to other numbers. Functions show the relationships between different quantities. A real world example of a function would be taking a particular item say bread and relate it to other objects such … Continue reading Functions, Graphs, & Equations – Introduction

TedEdChat – A Math Class Makeover – Dan Meyer

Dan Myer discusses the need for a math class makeover, hosted by Catherine Casazza (@mscasazzaIA). He shows math classroom practical exercises which prompt students learning to think about maths in a practical and applied sense. Education in schools is un-directed towards the individual student learning needs and skill levels. Where the math curriculum is not … Continue reading TedEdChat – A Math Class Makeover – Dan Meyer