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Isaiah – Chapter 53

  A look at messianic expectation and prefigurements of Christ in the Old Testament. This text was written seven to eight hundred years before Christ. Isaiah Chapter 53 Who has believed what we… Continue reading

Pollution, Policies & Power – Deontology, What ought to be done?

You learn that pollution generated by the increasing population of particular, large powerful countries is endangering important ecosystems and many species such as wales and penguins in Antarctica. One group is pushing for… Continue reading

Immanuel Kant & Thoughts on Moral Universal Laws

Are there any moral laws that must be followed by every person? What is the justification for these universal principles? I would compare such moral laws to the rational lawfulness that we as… Continue reading

“Education a Necessity of Life” John Dewey

This essay reviews John Dewey’s Democracy and Education book, specifically chapter one, “Education as a Necessity of Life”, in which education is said to be a part and related to communication (like social… Continue reading

Philosophy of Education Lessons In ‘Dead Poets Society’ & ‘The Matrix’

The article is about education and the pursuit of excellence. In explaining educational excellence and drawing upon the western philosophical tradition regarding excellence and  flourishing. My first essay reviews this clip from the… Continue reading

From Plato to Liberal Arts ‘Education’

This article is in part an examination of the relationship between the notion of liberal education which underpins such education as that of Catholic Social Teaching (CST). Drawing upon how liberal education has… Continue reading

John Dewey – Progressive Education Movement

John Dewey, was a philosopher, psychologist, and educational reformer well known for his work in education. “It is generally agreed that John Dewey (1859-1952) is the Father of American Education and the Greatest… Continue reading

Money & Justice – Why are Christians Interested in Markets?

This short article is a general overview of the Catholic social teaching and the Catholic Church. Catholic social teaching is a body of doctrine developed from the Catholic Church. Matters of focus include… Continue reading