Grants & Scholarships

Grants EERC Research Grant Competition Deadline: April 12 Award Amount: Maximum $12,000 Meant to support policy-relevant research projects that fall into one of five economics categories. National Science Foundation Economics Grants Deadline: August 18, January 18 Award Amount: Varies Requests grant proposals from researchers who want to improve the understanding of the processes and institutions … Continue reading Grants & Scholarships

Professional & Student Organisations

Student Organizations Alpha Kappa Psi Educates members of students, educators and professionals in achieving ideals in business. Beta Gamma Sigma Places are offered to AACSB accredited business school students with service and academic excellence. Business Professionals of America Builds and designs organisations for educating business students to contribute to a competent and skilled workforce. Delta Pi … Continue reading Professional & Student Organisations

Calvin Coolidge “Inflation is Repudiation”

Calvin Coolidge the 30th President of the United States, he is well-known as a promoter of Libertarian ideals as he favored lower taxes and small government. Though, he was part of the inflationary low-discount rate policy under the Harding and Coolidge administration. When he said “inflation is repudiation” he meant the government repudiates their debt. … Continue reading Calvin Coolidge “Inflation is Repudiation”

Learning Mandarin Chinese

Nĭ hăo, in this article we will introduce the basics to starting to learn Mandarin Chinese. In particular I will discus my experience in learning Mandarin Chinese, and will introduce you to the alternative learning mediums that suit different learning styles. The reason I began learning Mandarin Chinese: Chinese wasn’t one of the languages available … Continue reading Learning Mandarin Chinese