Sam Dastyari – 10 Big Businesses Control Australian Politics, But The Big Unions Have Power Too

In a recent article from MSN by Sam Dastyari (NSW Australian Senator), has caught media attention in exposing ten corporates with the most influence over economic progress. Unsurprisingly, four of the ten are big banks, two major… Continue reading

Prof Rob Bob – Solving Linear & Quadratic Equations

Rob Tarrou started making math videos after a student told him they were using the internet for math help. While working full time he has managed to make over 500 video lessons in… Continue reading

A Rational Fear – Laws That Don’t Apply To Barangaroo

Lewis Hobba exposes the laws which the new Crown Casino at Barangaroo is exempt from, of which surrounding businesses are subject to just a doorstep away. Interesting to see the special interests some… Continue reading

Dr Thomas E. Woods – Catholic Church Builder of Civilization

Dr Thomas E. Woods series on the Catholic Church as the Builder of Civilization. Complimentary to the series Thomas E. Woods book “The Church and the Market” examines the Catholic Church’s social teaching to sound economic… Continue reading

Historical Development of Equity Law & Secret Trusts

Historical Development of Equity Law Source: (Burke, 2011). All rights reserved for the creators of the show, I do not own any of this material. Secret Trusts Source: (Burke, 2011). All rights reserved… Continue reading

The School of Life – Inflation

The School of Life is devoted to developing emotional intelligence through the help of culture. In their two economic videos, on inflation and the property bubble they explore the causes and economic principles… Continue reading

Institute of Economic Affairs London – Free Market Masters

Source: (iealondon, 2015). All rights reserved for the creators of the show, I do not own any of this material, see terms of use. Video 1- Eamonn Butler presents the outstanding achievements of… Continue reading

Econ 120: Two-Minute Economic Lessons

NOAA (National Ocean Service) is an agency that enriches life through science and in this series we explore the economic nature at work, such as externalities and marginal utility. See their video series… Continue reading

BBC Four – Han Rosling’s 200 Countries, 200 Years, 4 Minutes – The Joy of Stats

Hans Rosling’s lecture, see source: (Rosling, 2010) illustrates graphically 200 years of global advancement in the series “The Joy of Stats” in order to compare life expectancy against income of the world through the ages. This illustration… Continue reading