Microeconomics – Interdependence & Gains from Trade

Consider your typical morning… Your bed sheets are made from cotton grown in India and woven in Madeira, your alarm clock was made in China. You pour a glass of orange juice that… Continue reading

Redesigning Family Tax to Benefit Low Income Households

The total approximate savings from scrapping both the FTB Part B and the Schoolkids Bonus would be $5.9 billion each year. Therefore, the abolishment of Family Tax Benefit (FTB) Part B and the… Continue reading

Bracket Creep in Australia

Australian taxpayers are to be slugged an extra $38.5 billion in tax hikes over the next 4 years without notice. While, the cumulative cost of bracket creep is forecast to be $50.9 billion… Continue reading

Business Processes & Information Systems

Following on from my article on Management Information Systems & You. What are business processes and why are they useful? A business process is a series of tasks or steps designed to produce… Continue reading

Improving Collaboration Skills In The Workplace

Why learn collaboration skills? Collaboration can be like a game of sports, as in tennis or golf you require a certain degree of skill. The skill you start with is often basic knowledge… Continue reading

Payroll Tax in Australia

Payroll tax is a levy on the value of certain types of income paid within a particular state or territory by employers to, or on behalf of, their employees. Although, it is a… Continue reading

Economic Factors & Competitor Analysis for Levi Strauss

Economic Factors This chapter seeks to explore the economic factors for “[Levi Strauss & Co., being] one of the world’s largest brand-name apparel marketers with sales in more than 100 countries” (Vrontis &… Continue reading

What does income splitting mean for Australian households?

Income splitting is when double income households are able to spread their collective income over both incomes, considering you are self-employed. In order to lower each under the tax free thresholds. This means… Continue reading

Roy Hill’s 4,000 Government Approvals

Roy Hill the mega iron-ore project is the recipient of the Project of the Year Award at the 2016 Project Management Institute Australian Awards. At which Mrs Gina Rinehart, Chairman of Roy Hill… Continue reading