Proposed Australian superannuation changes – 1 July 2017

On 15 September 2016, Treasurer Scott Morrison and the Minister for Revenue and Financial Services Kelly Dwyer issued a joint media release announcing that the proposed $500,000 non-concessional superannuation cap policy is now… Continue reading

CANZUK the campaign for stronger ties after BREXIT

The timing of the UK regaining the right and power to determine free trade policy and free movement decisions allows for the formation of a new campaign to form stronger ties in intelligence… Continue reading

Vote for the Economics Party! – Mr Clifford vs Trump & Clinton

Mr Clifford recently created a video for his new economics party. He argues in the American presidential debate on why both Trump and Clinton have bad economic policies. See his video here. Two… Continue reading

The 4 Properties of Indifference Curves

The four properties of indifference curves: Higher indifference curves are preferred to lower ones; Indifference curves are downward sloping; Indifference curves do not cross; Indifference curves are bowed inwards; 1st property – Higher… Continue reading

Indians Boycotting ‘Made in China’ Goods

Indians are leading a social media campaign to boycott ‘Made in China’ goods to favour Pakistan suppliers, in spite for Beijing having voted against Indian interests in the United Nations. The campaign had… Continue reading

Nǐ yŏu shénme àihào?

Zhèli néng shàng wăng ma? (Can I surf the Internet here?) Wŏ yào kàn yóujiàn. (I need to check my e-mail.)   Keywords: Zhèli (here) Néng (can) Shàng wăng (surf Internet) Yóujiàn (mail/e-mail)… Continue reading

Nǐ kàn diànshì ma?

Nǐ kàn diànshì ma? (Do you watch TV?) Wŏ mĕi tiān zăoshang kàn xīngwén. (I watch TV news in the morning everyday.) Wŏ bù kàn diànshì. (I don’t watch TV.) Nǐ xǐhuan kàn… Continue reading

I Like Sports – Nǐ xǐhuan shénme yùndòng?

Nǐ xǐhuan shénme yùndòng? (What sports do you like?) Wŏ xǐhuan dă lángiú. (I like playing basketball.)   Keywords: Dă (play) Lángiú (basketball)   More sporting activities: Păobù (running) Yóuyŏng (swimming) Tī zúqiú… Continue reading

Weekdays & Arrangements

Jīntiān (shì) xīngqī jǐ? (What day is it today?) Jīntiān (shì) xīngqī yī. (Today is Monday.) Jīntiān (shì) xīngqī jǐ? (What day is it today?) Jīntiān (shì) xīngqī sān. (Today is Wednesday.)  … Continue reading