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All work is my own based on personal study and/or research where I have not collaborated with another student in planning, developing and writing, accept were I have acknowledged all materials and sources, whether they are books, articles, reports, lecture notes, interviews, or any kind of document or personal communication, in references or resources. With most of the work subject to a text-matching software to safeguard the quality of learning. Where all my work is copyrighted Copyright © 2016 Zoë-Marie Beesley and Licenced under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License, except for material where copyright is reserved by a party other than me. Featured images are supplied from Unsplash an online free image source. Videos produced and directed by others, all rights reserved for the creators of a show, I do not own any of this material. All comments other than civil discussion about the topics mentioned in film will be deleted. Copyright of YouTube videos are subject to a standard YouTube Creative Commons license. Additionally, uploaders of videos published on YouTube are given the option to enable or disable the Share button to their videos, which gives a HTML code allowing others to insert the video into sites, blogs or websites like this one. In the unlikely case where I have embedded a video which someone other than the content owner has published the video on YouTube please comment and I will remove it. Alternatively, if an uploader of a YouTube video unconsents to me having embedded their video please comment and I will remove the video, however, please be aware of the Share button on YouTube which grants others this privilege. See this article by the Foundation For Economic Education on how most material published on the internet that wasn’t subject to a license agreement with a third party is freely publicly available to use as long as you acknowledge the source.

Academic Integrity

As this website is used by university students my website must abide and uphold academic integrity. I am free to publish content of my own previous essays that have been submitted for university marking on the condition it remains my own property. I have an obligation to uphold the universities community’s standards on ethical scholarship and publication, other students are prohibited from plagiarising my original work for there own merit or university submission and are subject to copyright laws and academic integrity, especially as plagiarism is subject to disciplinary actions. Good scholarship builds upon the work of others, however, plagiarism constitutes breaches of academic integrity under academic misconduct in any universities general regulations or policies, if you require further explanation or help, contact your universities unit coordinator or tutor. However, contents of my work may be quoted or reproduced for non-commercial purposes provided that the source of information is acknowledged, making it suitable for reference (note: not peer-reviewed).

Online Discussion Policy

My websites online discussion policy acknowledges that all comments are expected to comply with ethical conduct. Posts are regularly checked for breaches of academic integrity and ethical conduct. Promoting posts of related questions, resources or other material for economic and commerce education. Discouraging posts of offensive nature or those that contain abusive content, and disrespectful comments. Subject to the conditions above, individuals have a choice of adding or using personal information for comment display.


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